The Tennis Court

A tennis court is a flat rectangular surface, with line markings on it outer borders. These boundaries are termed as sidelines and baselines. There are two smaller rectangles on the interior that serves as the service boxes.

For the singles game, the court measures 78 feet (23.77 meters) in length at the sidelines and, 27 feet (8.2 meters) in width at the base lines. While for the doubles, the court is made of 9 feet (2.7 meters) wider by making the base lines 4.5 feet (1.37 meters) longer in both directions. These added extensions on the sidelines are identified as alleys.
Boundaries for doubles are identified as "doubles alleys". Alleys near the area of the court are required for players when reaching for swarming balls.

Net designed parallel to the base lines is stretched out and separate the court at the midpoint. The net made from natural or synthetic cord is tied amid two posts. It is 3 feet (0.91 meter) far above the ground at the center and 3.6 feet (about 1 meter) at the sideline posts.

On either side of the net, 21 feet (6.4 meters) from it and parallel to it, are the service lines. A centerline between the service lines and parallel to the sidelines creates two service courts, each 13.5 feet (about 4 meters) wide. These are used in serving for both singles and doubles matches.

There are four foremost types of courts depending on the kind of material used in the court surface: grass, clay, hard courts, and indoor courts. Whichever of among the several court surfaces the size, shape and markings, however, are standard.

Clay Courts

Flattened shale, brick or stone, are the materials used for clay courts. They can either be green or red in color. American or green or clay is faster, than the red ones. Courts made from clay are being regarded as "slow", since ball bounces rather high and much more slow, This makes it more hard for the athlete to strike an overrun ball.

A game on clay courts usually entails the capability to glide hooked on ball when hitting, as against on a hard or grass court while running or stopping. Clay courts typically are found in the European and the South American countries.

Hard courts

Hard courts, commonly made from concrete or plastic materials, and are considered "average to high-speed" surfaces. Hard courts are more fast than courts made from clay. However, hard courts are much more slow compared to grass courts. Being regarded as the most unbiased kind of playing court, it is intended to any mode of play. The acrylic solid court is used for US Open Play-Offs, whereas, Australian Open is done on synthetic hardcourt.

Grass courts

Considered as the fastest court in the tennis sports are the grass courts. They are made of grass cultivated on compressed soil, akin to the green grass used in a golf course. Several variables are considered when using grass courts: bounces rely on how good and fitting is the grass, when the mowing of the grass has been done, and is overuse by a recent play.
A world known grass court is the Wimbledon Centre Court. Itssurface is not as tough as the hard courts, making the ball bounce lower, which necessitates faster reach for the ball.

Indoor courts

Indoor courts are made of lumber, cement, or 'rug'. Artificial turf is the other name it is known for. Fairly fast and the most typical is the carpet style indoor courts. A less popular indoor surface is the wood courts.

To summarize, a tennis court is a place where a tennis game is played. It is a solid rectangular flat surface with a net standing in the center. The court can be outdoors or indoors and can have a diversity of surfaces. Each court surface, regardless of its type is with drainage layer to counteract rain.

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