The Rules Of A Tennis Game

After watching the match between the top two seeded male tennis players Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, you feel you can do what they do. So you purchase a tennis racquet and a couple of balls and hit the tennis courts.

The good thing about tennis is that it is a sport you won’t have any problem understanding. Actually, just by frequently watching the game played on TV, you can already get the drift.

It is interesting to note that tennis rules have not changed through out the centuries. The main objective of the game is for a player to get the ball over the net and the other player not hitting it.

Opponents face one another on the court's opposing sides. The "server" throws out the ball and starts the set. The "receiver" is the player on the other end. The “server” and “receiver” are decided by a coin toss.

The server stands behind the base in the confiness of the singles court when it is a singles game, and in the doubles line when it is a doubles game.

The odd points are set in the advantage court whereas the even points are set on the deuce court. It is important the server be mindful of the receiver. He must only serve when the receiver is prepared.

Serves must be from the server’s deuce base to the receiver’s service box. If the server doesn't hit the ball twice, he basically doesn't get the point. The first miss is referred to as “Fault” whereas the second miss is called “Double Fault.”

The receiver must return the server’s ball. He can stand wherever he chooses but he must allow the ball to bounce within the serving box. When the ball fails to do so, then the umpire calls it as “fault.” Another serve must take place. If the ball is struck by the opponent before it bounces, then the server gets the points.

If the ball falls into the net or outside the confines of the court, then the player who hit that ball loses the point. Players must not touch the net, drop the racquet while hitting the ball or let the ball bounce over the net. If he does, then he loses a point.

The scoring is 15, 30 and 40. When there is a tie, the umpire calls it as “deuce.” In a case of “deuce,” when one player gets a point, then the umpire calls it as “advantage.” That player must then gain another point for him to win the set. If not, then the umpire calls “deuce” again.

In announcing the score, the server’s score is called first. If the score is zero, then the umpire calls it “Love” and not zero.

The first player to get 6 games in a set is declared the winner of that set. Let's say the score reaches 5-5, then there will be a tie-breaker. This is a relay resulting to the first player to get 10 points.

From 5-5, the score can either be 6-5 or 5-6. The first player to get 7 points is the winner of the set.

For a men’s match, there is a maximum of five sets. The first player to get three sets is declared the winner. For a women’s match, there is a maximum of three sets. The first player to get two sets is declared the winner.

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