Experience Whale Watching on Rosarito Beach

Mexico is a country known for its tropical appeal and lush vegetation. Most people traveling to Mexico visit the popular cities of Cancun, Tijuana, and Cabo San Lucas. These places are distinguished for having miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and genuine Mexican cuisine. But there's another beautiful area of Mexico that's a well-kept secret - Rosarito Beach. Located a short distance from the shores of Baja, California, Rosarito Beach provides an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its finest. This stretch of private paradise is famous for sights of the grey whale, and is most notable for great kayaking adventures.

If you take advantage of the kayaking opportunities available on Rosarito Beach, you're sure to get up close and personal with the magnificent whales that inhibit the area. Rosarito Beach is located just south of the pacific coast of Baja, California, which is also known to be famous of spotting glimpses of the grey whale. You're most likely to meet the whales during the winter months of December and January in Rosarito Beach. This is the time of year when whales make the journey from their home in the Arctic Ocean to take in the warmth of Rosarito Beach, and begin their mating and birthing season. Traveling by kayak along the waters of Rosarito Beach provides you the ultimate opportunity to take pictures, view the whales through binoculars, and simply take in the wonders of watching these amazing creatures you otherwise would never have the chance to see.

While you're paddling through the waters of Rosarito Beach, be sure to try your hand at fishing. This would be very easy to accomplish if you plan to kayak through the waters. The waters of Rosarito Beach are known to have a wide variety of fish, and you're likely to have the most luck just off the Coronado Islands. (These tiny, uninhibited islands are located northwest of the Rosarito Beach shoreline.) Even people who have never caught a fish before succeed around Coronado Islands!

Along with whales and fish, you are also likely to spot sea lions, manatee, and tropical birds along the shoreline of Rosarito Beach if you kayak during the warmer months. Not only will you have this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some amazing wildlife, but you'll also be given the opportunity to experience great photography.

Most kayaking and whale watching tours in Rosarito Beach are daytime excursions, but there are some tours that offer camping as part of an overnight addition to the tour. If you choose an overnight tour, you will set up camp along the sandy beaches of the tiny surrounding islands of Rosarito Beach. What better way to view a tropical sunset? Although most kayaking tours in Rosarito Beach are not physically challenging, you will need to be in average physical shape to participate. The waters in this area can be a bit wavy or rough at times due to the inhibiting whales, but can still be paddled through by the average person.

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