Canoeing and Kayaking - The Essentials

As summer approaches, we often look for activities to do out on the water. Two of the most popular summertime activities are canoeing and kayaking, mainly because they are safe and easily done by anyone of any age, skill level, or ability. These water sports are very relaxing and provide excellent opportunities for fun in the sun. But if you've never set sail for the waters before, you may not know where to begin to plan your canoeing and kayaking adventure. Here's some helpful advice to help you sort out the details and get out on the water!

There is essentially little or no difference between canoeing and kayaking. Both offer a calming ride on the lake or streams and both are physically undemanding. The best approach to experiencing the excitement of canoeing and kayaking is to scout out guided tours. Unless you plan to visit the lake several times, there is no need to purchase your own canoeing and kayaking equipment. This can rack up quite a large bill, as canoes generally run $800 or higher, and that's not including other equipment needed such as paddles and clothing. You can look for canoeing and kayaking tours locally or in other parts of the country, depending on your desire to travel. Below is a list of popular locations in the United States for canoeing and kayaking.

1. Medford, Oregon - This is home to Crater Lake National Park and the Rogue River, which is known to be home to some of the best outdoor activities in the United States. The river is Class II-IV rapids, which require little or no experience to enjoy canoeing and kayaking.

2. Haines, Alaska - This is an ideal location for ocean kayaking surrounding Glacier Bay National Park. Here, you have the opportunity to spot bears, manatee, and other arctic wildlife along Alaska's banks. No experience is required to participate in the guided tours.

3. Miami - Dade County, Florida - An excellent location to experience fun in the sun through canoeing and kayaking, while having the opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive. Coral Gables provides a chance to explore magical sea caves and view underwater aquatic life. Several tour companies are in the area with packages starting as low as $40 per person, $30 per child.

4. San Diego, California - Explore the La Jolla Sea Caves for a glimpse of a true marine paradise. Catch views of sea lions, whales, and occasionally dolphins. No experience is necessary and typical guided tours are two hours long.

Now that you have a few suggestions of where to go, you may be wondering what to bring for your canoeing and kayaking adventure. Be sure to pack quick-drying clothes, such as synthetic shorts, tops, and jackets. Even kayaking in the summertime can lead to unexpected emergencies, and you need to have water-resistant clothes available. Make sure to bring sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen, as the sun is much stronger when reflecting off the water. Pack a couple water bottles and small snacks in case you or a member of your family need a quick energy boost, and always bring along a first aid kit containing instant cold packs, band-aids, gauze, and other small items just in case an emergency arises.

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