The Terminology Used In Hockey

The language used in hockey is so detailed that only a true hockey enthusiast can really understand each and every term that's used by referees and many of the terms used are also the same things that cost some teams penalty shots or even time in the penalty box. There are a total of 27 different plays that are considered penalties according to league rules and regulations. In order to be a referee one must know all the terms and what they mean and to be able to execute them during a game. A hard-core hockey fan can learn this easily through enough exposure to the game.

Learning the terms used in play calls are almost similar to what referees in basketball and football do since there's a lot more calls than you would see in baseball. The most common of calls is when players fight against each other or against rival team players. Most of the other calls aren't frequently used so much, but you're likely to see a lot more fighting and unsportsmanly conduct on the ice. In order for someone to completely understand the terminology it's what you call an acquired talent because it takes a lot of listening and patience to really embrace the terms used in this line of sport.

Some players who have tempers or behavior that's unconventional or unsavory can be linked to a respective term which doesn't help that particular player(s) because this only feeds into how the media views them too when they have to do by-lines for their articles and stories. The terms are so out of the ordinary it's like they need their own dictionary or thesaurus to make full sense to those who don't understand these terms enough to really explain them in detail. Either way the terms are very much a reality in hockey since back in years past the terminology wasn't even in existence.

Some of the expressions in hockey today weren't even used in the past, but as modifications in language changed that's when they came up with these funky expressions for player's behavior, team pep talks, and when it came down to someone's playing ability there was a special term for everything and some of it is quite hilarious if you hear it often enough. The expressions alone could have their own section in the dictionary since for someone that doesn't understand hockey they surely won't understand the terms that both players and coaches will use on a constant basis.

Most of the time you'll just see people using terms for poor sportsmanship and fighting since most of the time the other terms are used during a game. The hockey world is almost separate from every other sport because of the uniqueness of them using words that aren't even along the lines of football and basketball since the terms are more in depth than the other two sports. Unless you're a hockey enthusiast you'll never really understand the terms of this sport. That's why it's a learned trait to understand the language used in hockey. If you sit with someone you can learn things most normal people who are not hockey fans don't hear very often. The average hockey fan that is totally into the game are busy using 4 letter words more than staying calm. The adrenaline rush is so great that many hockey fans can actually make themselves dizzy from the stress.

Many fans don't realize how hyped up they can get even at a simple referee call which can sometimes incite stuff on the ice with players going at it with each other.

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