Getting To Know Kickboxing As A Sport And An Exercise

Kickboxing is a form of a sporting martial art which incorporates several other sports. It is closely linked to boxing which is a sport that makes use of only the arms and fists. The main difference lies in the fact that this martial art sport makes use of both the hands and the feet. It is likewise referred to as a full contact sport.

Understanding its Origin and Types

This form of martial art sport has its origin in Japan. It puts together taekwondo, boxing, and karate. It likewise exists in three types. They are the Japanese style, European style, and the American style. Below are their brief descriptions.

The Japanese style involves several other forms which are made up by the trainers and boxers. The match is generally comprised of five rounds which are played within 3 minutes each. The opponents are then permitted to attack with the use of the knees and elbows. The attacks may be below the belt except for the crotch. Those which need to be avoided are the throwing, pushing, and head-butting.

On the other hand, the American style involves hitting with the fists and feet and the strikes must be just above the hip. The opponents are not allowed to use their knees and elbows and never their shins. The promoters and the fighters should first agree on the stipulated rules and regulations prior to the start of the match. This style is played in two up to three minutes and has about ten up to twelve rounds. There is also a one minute break in between the rounds.

The European style is composed of five rounds with each round being played in three minutes. In this match, the opponents can use their knees or thighs during the attacks. They are also allowed to kick below the belt but not where the crotch is located. Head-butting and pushing are also restricted.

A Look at Cardio Kickboxing

Several individuals clamor for a fit physique. People from all walks of life including the celebrities and politicians nowadays resort to cardio kickboxing. This workout routine is a well rounded collection of exercises in martial arts, boxing, and also aerobics. The traditional movements incorporated are those of the kicks, punches, and other trademark martial arts moves.

Compared to the literal meaning of this exercise, it doesn't promote the presence of an opponent because this is practically aimed at trimming down the physical body. In fact, you may be able to burn between 350 up to 450 calories by performing it in an hour.

The exercises can be started out with a warm up of around 10 up to 15 minutes while doing a couple of light movements and stretches. The momentum can thus be marked by the execution of punches and kicks. Take note that stretching is both practical and essential in this kind of exercise routine.

If you truly prefer a rigid and formal training, it is advisable to look for a reputable trainer. You may also buy the instructional videos to keep you guided. As a reminder, be sure to drink lots of water before and after executing the exercise.

Now you know that kickboxing is not only a sport but is also an exercise! Are you ready to get slimmer or perhaps become a pro?

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