Buying Basic Boxing Training Equipment And Gears

In a contact sport like boxing, proper equipment and gears are essential. Here are the things you need to have when training for boxing.

Gloves A pair of boxing gloves that is both comfortable and fitted to the boxer's hands are essential. Laces should not be tightly (but not too tightly) tied around the gloves at the wrist. Cut off any lace tips that are hanging off the gloves before sparring. Laces should also be wrapped with tape and the gloves covered with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Handwraps Handwraps reduces the boxer's hand injury both on training and in actual boxing match. Make sure that an expert demonstrates the proper way of wrapping the hands. If it is not available, remember that the fingers must be separated to allow freedom of movement and the knuckles should be padded evenly.

Headguard There is a continuous debate about whether boxing headgear prevents head injuries or not. Still, there is no question that a proper fitting headgear reduces the risk of cuts, bruises and other eye injuries. A good headgear must snug comfortably and properly that a blow would not move it and obstruct your vision.

Mouthguards You can buy a mouthpiece for 2 dollars but that doesn't mean you should buy it. In fact, the worst thing you could do is to buy the cheapest mouthpiece your money can buy. The mouthpiece you should have is the type that is molded fit to your mouth. The extra amount you pay should be enough to prevent any possible injuries and damages to your gums, teeth and lips.

No-Foul Protector Wearing a no-foul protector during training is as important as wearing a mouthpiece. If a mouthpiece protects your from any possible mouth injuries, wearing a no-foul protects you from the damage that can be dame by a low blow.

Shoes Boxing shoes are different from your conventional snickers and other rubber-soled shoes. Boxing shoes are lighter, leather soled and provide excellent ankle support. Wearing shoes other than those that are truly made for boxing make you look awkward when moving around the ring. Non-boxing shoes also increases the risk of ankle injuries and increases your legs fatigue level significantly.

Jump rope A regular jump rope exercise helps improve coordination, agility, speed, footwork and endurance. A good jump rope can cost under $5.

Training Apparel - Commercially sold training apparels are designed to give you maximum comfort while on the ring.

Boxing Bags You can either make it your own or buy in a store. Boxing bags are usually made of canvas or vinyl. Other bags are made of leather. The earliest form of punching bags is made from kangaroo skin. Home-made punching bags can be a simple duffle bag filled with sand. The material which the bag is made of is really not that important as long as it is durable and can withstand daily use. Boxing bags are effective training equipment if you want to improve your punching strength, increase your stamina, and practice punch combination.

Speed Bags Speed bags are either mounted on the wall or in a free-standing floor frame. Whichever you choose, it can provide loads of benefits including increased hand-eye coordination, improved reflexes and increased strength.

Speed bags also improve endurance and stamina.

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